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Peace Freqs

May 21, 2020

Joining us this week is Aaron Harris of the Decentralized Revolution Podcast. He is also Marketing Director the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus and one of the few local (to us) guest we've had on. 
Here are some of the topics we talked about:

May 7, 2020

Joining us this week is J.W. Weatherman he is the mind behind a gameified coding/math course.  That would have been reason enough to have him on He joins us to talk about building skills and knowledge to move forward out of uncertainty. If you are looking for your own Bitcoin deep dive from J.W. please check...

Apr 30, 2020

This week we have Jessica Green on the show to talk about her recent episode of The Jesica Green Show on prepping and coming to liberty from a “liberal” background. Check out her Twitter 
Here are some of the topics we talked about:

Apr 2, 2020

This week we speak again with Matthew Erickson, He is Jason Stapleton's wing man for the Wealth, Power and Influence Podcast.( Matt shares his particular viewpoint on the current (virus related) situation and the real possibilities of an evolution to Anarchy.
Here are some of the...

Mar 22, 2020

Hey, it’s a bonus episode! Enjoy a killer yacht rock turned pop culture exclusive with The Denver Libertarian. We meander all over and hope that you’ll meander over to
Here are some of the topics we talked about: