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Peace Freqs

Dec 26, 2019

Today's episode is a quick dispatch from deep into the holiday. What gifts do we really want? What are our holiday memories?
Featured Music

Dec 18, 2019

We are blessed to have on the show this week the one and only John Vibes. He is an author, an activist and a general authority on the underground party scene. You can find his book Paper Squares and Purple Stars at And please to check that site out because it is filled with information about the...

Dec 11, 2019

Today's guest is Joel with Evaporeign a boutique vape juice brand that he created. We do talk about vaping and his product creation process.He was also kind enough to offer our listeners a 30% discount and free shipping on your first order if you mention the show. You can order via email (To be...

Dec 2, 2019

We have Theodore on today representing Crowdfunded Government. Find out more about that concept here . We talk about preaching liberty to normies and  about Libertertarian podcasts. In fact he was kind enough to  bring us a prime selection of libertarian Podcast theme songs to review. It's one...