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Peace Freqs

Mar 29, 2018

<p><b>SLL Episode 7: Do we really need more laws?</b></p>
<p>In todays episode Nicky & Lizzie talk about, believe it or not, more laws, more music you should get hip to, socialist music festivals & Guns.</p>
<p>Today’s episode features music by:
<br>Timber - Pitbull Ft Kesha

Mar 15, 2018

<p><b>SLL Episode 6: Please Stop Talking About The Clintons</b></p>
<p>In todays episode Nicky |& Lizzie talk about new music, terrible news and micro fallaces.</p>
<p>Today’s episode features music by:
<br>Tanlines - Presents EP
<br>Current Joys - A Different Age 

Mar 8, 2018

<p><b>SLL Episode 5: Punk Rock</b></p>
<p>In todays episode Nicky |& Lizzie discuss the curious place of punk rock in politics.</p>
<p>Today’s episode features music by:
<br>Operation Ivy - Unity
<br>Against All Authority - No Government Can Give You Freedom