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Sounds Like Liberty

Apr 11, 2018

<p><b>SLL Episode 9: Get The Government Out Of My Spotify</b></p>
<p>In todays episode Nicky & Lizzie talk about the government interfering with copyright again and Diversity politics in UK classical music.</p>
<p><i>Today’s episode features music by:</i>
<ul> <a href="">Turn Your Love Around - George Benson</a>  
<br> <a href="">Electric Café - En Vogue</a> 
<br> <a href="">Melodies - Ady Suleiman</a>
<br> <a href="">Blame it on Me - Alana Davis</a> 
<br> <a href="">I Want It All - Dios Malos</a>
<br> <a href="">Starter Kit - p.stoops</a>
 <br> <a href="">Amphetamine - Superdrag</a>
 <br> <a href="">Carry On - Spacehog</a>
 <br> <a href="">I Guess I Showed Her - Robert Cray</a> 
<p><br><i>Whats Happening</i>
<ul><a href="">Drake’s progress: the making of a modern superstar</a>
<br><a href="">Unknown Mortal Orchestra's 'Sex & Food': Ruban Nielson on Avoiding Political Polemics for Band's Fourth Album</a>
<br><a href="">Country Music’s High Horse Kacey Musgraves returns with “Golden Hour"</a>
<br><a href="">“What am I willing to risk?”: Macklemore on Trump, gun control and why ‘Same Love’ remains vital</a>
<br><a href="">Liberals look to strike the right note on Canada Music Fund</a>
<br><a href="">Indian Wells Music Fest combines funk and politics at inaugural event</a>
<br><a href="">MINISTRY Guitarist & FEAR FACTORY Vocalist Discuss 'AmeriKKKant' Album, Side Projects, Etc.</a>
<br><a href="">Cardi B Says She Doesn't Talk Politics For Clout, Being In A Gang Was A Waste Of Time</a>
<br><a href="">Comprehensive legislation on verge of bringing music copyright laws into the 21st Century</a>
<br><a href="">Composers should be incensed that their music is taking a back seat to their race or gender</a>
<br><a href="">The Music Modernization Act introduced in the House could change how artists are paid for streaming services</a>
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