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Sounds Like Liberty

Dec 5, 2018

In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie examine The Message by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. Obviously a classic in the world of hip-hop, this song paints a bleak portrait of reality. I think they draw different conclusions why things are the way they are but i’m sure you’ll see what i see.

This week in I Heard This Happened: some Nicky P original material & some Christmas Jazz...

Nicky’s album this week is Vol. 1 by Puma Thurman. I won’t wax poetic because it’s my own album. Me and a bunch of my dad friends released create adventure rock. Most of the songs are about movies. Enjoy!

Lizzie brings us Luminous by Betty’s Bounce, a Django Reinhardt inspired gypsy jazz take on some holiday classics. Nothing to belabor just some fun takes on some seasonal classics...maybe Liz is taking this gypsy jazz thing too far.

This week’s interview is with Jae Caetano, host of Anarcho Inc & Owner Of Anarcho Coffee. This is a serious businessman taking the capitalist part of Anarcho-Capitalist real seriously. We had a fantastic discussion, sadly most of it didn’t make the episode. To hear all sorts of business talk and coffee process sign up for patreon access.

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