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Sounds Like Liberty

Aug 8, 2018

In today's episode Nicky P & Lizzie present a rare treat. Since people complain Lizzie doesn’t talk enough she gets to be today’s guest and can’t weasel out of talking. get provocative talking about the Kendrick Lamar track XXX. The analysis is part 2 Of 3 in a serious on the “most important political songs of the Trump era.”

 Before that we celebrate Christmas in July (since it’s the 25th) by looking at some of the economic implications of the Father Christmas by The Kinks.  After our look at this Christmas favorite we dive into I Heard This Happened where our dynamic duo each pick a new release for your earholes from the depths of Bandcamp.In I Heard This Happened we check out two new releases on and listen to some alt rock that might as well be from an episode of Daria and some Hot Jazz from South Africa.

 The episode finishes up with Nick grilling Lizzie with the same questions the guest gets. So enjoy the church mouse talking for a change.your hosts getting into the thick of all things ska and hip hop with independent journalist Will Porter.

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