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Peace Freqs

Jan 15, 2020

This week our podcast pick is Foreign Policy Focus with Kyle Anzalone It's a great way to stay up on what our government is doing (probably screwing up ) in the rest of the world.
We have finally got the fabulous Monica Perez on the show. She is host of the Monica Perez show on terrestrial radio...

Jan 9, 2020

Hey peeps, changes are afoot for the show. SLL will soon become Peace Freqs, but no worries.The hosts and the principles behind the show will be the same.  Listen for the details in the show opening.
I also realized that I could be listing the pods we plug in our bumpers on the show. So I'll start with this week's pick....

Jan 2, 2020

Thanks for joining us for the first Sounds Like Liberty episode of 2020! I hope you've had a wonderful celebration and you are ready for a good chat. Our guest today is Shane T. Hazel of The Rebellion Podcast. We talk about podcasts, origin stories, cops, and maximum effort! (Deadpool and Star wars references because...

Dec 26, 2019

Today's episode is a quick dispatch from deep into the holiday. What gifts do we really want? What are our holiday memories?
Featured Music

Dec 18, 2019

We are blessed to have on the show this week the one and only John Vibes. He is an author, an activist and a general authority on the underground party scene. You can find his book Paper Squares and Purple Stars at And please to check that site out because it is filled with information about the...