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Sounds Like Liberty

Jun 18, 2019

We’ll get this episode started with analysis of a song by one of the great 90’s bands Everclear.  Let’s parse through the lyrics of Volvo Driving Soccer Moms

This week in our Music discovery segment Nicky’s picked Brooklyn, NY artists Crumb with Jinx. Here are his comments: Right from the...

Jun 12, 2019

That’s right folks you have joined us on this episode #52 which does in fact mark a year of awesomeness with The Launchpad Media! We cannot express thanks enough to Mr.Johnny Rocket, all of our guests and, to all of you for the past year. It has been one fabulous journey and it continues...

Jun 5, 2019

Thanks for joining us this week on the Sounds Like Liberty Podcast. We have a fabulous show for you today beginning right here with our lyrical analysis of The Way it is by Bruce Hornsby This mellow pop song released in 1986 is thought to be making reference to the Civil Rights era of the 1960’s....

May 29, 2019

Before our interview we’ll check out the message of Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran

Nicky’s Brought a delightful mindfreak of a mixtape Vestiges by Rav. His comment: At moments I feel like I’m listening to some MC Chris style nerdcore. At other times he’s going deep like A Tribe Called...

May 22, 2019

Today we have a special interview with Arvin Vohra  Libertarian Presidential Candidate. We couldn’t resist the opportunity for some real talk. Did we go there?

What we talked about:

Vote Vohra of Twitter

Libertarian Party Meises Caucus